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Why work in Australia? - When it comes to work abroad and search for a job overseas; Australia is the most popular destination among Indians. But, the Australia government has tightened the work visa standards for skilled foreign workers to give preference to the natives. Many Indians who apply for work permit in Australia are appointed through the subclass 457 visa category, which is scrapped now and a new visa subclass is introduced with stringent rules for Australian companies to sponsor the workers from abroad.

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High Demands Jobs in Australia 2023

What is Temporary Skill Shortage visa program?

From March 2018, the Australian Government introduced a new work visa in replacement of the 457 visa – the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.

Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visa is the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa which enables the Australian employer to bring the workers from overseas when they are not being able to fulfil the required vacancy through Australian skilled worker.

Is Permanent Resident (PR) Visa Is Better Than The Work Visa?

Moreover, the Australian government has made it extremely complex for the Australian companies to accomplish the work visa sponsorship requirements for foreign nationals and hence the success rate for generic profiles is very difficult. So, the work permit route is only viable to highly skilled professionals in the medical field, senior engineering streams and specific IT skills etc. to name a few. We recommend you to explore the skilled immigration (Australia PR Visa) route under which you are entitled to avail innumerable benefits like:

The top 10 Jobs for Australia PR Immigrants have been revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics topped by the Health Professionals. This is for the period 2000 to 2016. Increased numbers of these were from India and most of them own a home or are buying one.

  • Free Education for children.
  • Eligibility to work with any employer
  • Free medical services
  • Spouse is eligible to work full time
  • Retirement pension
Top 10 Jobs for Australia PR Immigrants
Rank Occupations Numbers of Jobs
1 Health Professionals 75,800
2 Business, HR, Marketing Professionals 74,559
3 Specialist Managers 61,878
4 ICT Professionals 55, 498
5 Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals 43, 038
6 Carers and Aides 38, 391
7 Sales Assistants and Salespersons 37, 850
8 Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers 34, 620
9 Numerical Clerks 28, 962
10 Education Professionals 28, 685

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